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When A Fire Claims An Entire Home, Watch This Fire Restoration Project

Some homes seem like they just need scrapped if they have suffered a fire. There can be so much damage, it looks like a fire restoration project is impossible. But, you’d be surprised what you can do if you take the time and do it right.

One home fire restoration project seemed to claim the entire house. The walls were filled with smoke and debris. The drywall was broken and ripped all through the house.

Fire damage was everywhere. What it took to put out the fire had caused as much damage as the fire itself. The home did not look like an inviting project. But, that’s just it!

What one person sees as overwhelming and not worth the work, another person sees as an opportunity. He knew what he was getting into and assessed the entire project. He took pictures and he knew the roof would need redone. He knew the garage would need rebuilt.

When you look at the video, you’ll see that the entire project looks like he’s going to have to rebuild an entire house. So, why get started? Why restore an entire house, everything inside and out instead of just tearing it down and putting another in its place?

The video actually adds some insight into that. But, there is an entire series and we’ll watch the guy go through the entire fire restoration project step by step. Watch a home go from a fire disaster to livable again!

This video is the initial assessment only. All the fire damage this house sustained and what he plans on doing with it.

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