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A Fire Restoration Project From Ash And Smoke Damage Cleaning To Rebuilding

When a home has suffered fire damage, there is a process that goes with proper fire restoration. If you skip steps, your house can suffer further damage and you might not ever be able to restore it. Ash and smoke damage cleaning are only the beginning. When you follow the steps, you have the best chance of bringing your house back to life in the most cost effective manner.

First, board it up! We do this for several reasons. It keeps your property from being stolen. But also, it maintains structural integrity. Some parts of the home might need support that would keep the fire restoration project from becoming greater.

The cleanup is very extensive. It begins with cleaning up the wet soot and all the property in the house. Concentration on smoke damage cleaning is critical. Everything needs cleaned from top to bottom and it’s very detailed work.

If there is structural damage, you need a permit to rebuild. But, that begins the process of putting your home back together. You’ll start to see new life come as the drywall is hung and new windows are put in. Carpet is laid. Cabinets are installed.

This fire restoration project was rather extensive. It required more work than most restoration jobs. But, you get to see from start to finish and the final product is really nice.

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