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Insurance Coverage

You buy flood, water, and mold property insurance to financially protect yourself and your home from unforeseen natural and manmade disasters. But, homeowners’ insurance policies are not all the same and do not necessarily cover all types of water and mold damage. Give us a call, we will ease the process.

It is important to read your insurance policy’s section on fire, water and mold damage to see if you are covered for restoration services.

  • Some policies cover damage due to leaky and frozen pipes, but deny flood claims.
  • Some property insurance policies may deny mold remediation claims that result from leaky pipes.
  • Insurance policies vary and many water and mold damage policies in New York and New Jersey have various water and mold damage coverages.
  • Perfect Restoration can begin restoring your property while working directly with your insurance company to file your claim.

With the hundreds of insurance jobs we’ve worked on, Perfect Restoration knows how to handle your claim. We can help with your claim, working with your insurance company to ensure that you get the work that’s needed.