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Aerial Footage Of Multi-Business Blaze That Caused Fire Damage In Michigan

Fire restoration projects aren’t always just about small house fires that turn the kitchen black with soot. Can you imagine a multi-business blaze? The fire damage has yet to be assessed by insurance assessors.

But, the investigators have determined that the fire was caused by a machine in one of the businesses. They have not determined why it caught on fire. It depends on the type of machine, but there are different causes for fires where wires and all moving parts are concerned. The investigators will definitely pinpoint the exact cause.

The one thing to note is how effective the fire stops were. They were able to contain the fire from spreading. The only fire stop that wasn’t effective was the one between the companies. It couldn’t withstand the heat from a dual side fire.

The aerial footage provides some good insight for both insurance companies as well as firefighters. From a drone’s eye in the sky, insurance companies can see how to investigate fires from their end. Firefighters can view the footage to see how best to fight them.

Inspections need to be done with integrity. When inspections are breezed over and not thoroughly done, multi-business blazes like this one occur. Professionals need to live up to their name when they sign off on business fire systems as well as all equipment.

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