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fire damage

fire damageIt might start off as a small fire, the smallest fire that you can imagine. But then, it gets beyond your control. The fire damage is about to get worse. Time is of the essence.

You have to call! You finally realize that you have to call the fire department because you can’t find your fire extinguisher or maybe you haven’t had it properly serviced and it doesn’t work. Worse yet, you might not even have one. The fire rages out of your control, but it’s not big yet.

As you can see, when the fire personnel get there, they are more concerned with safety then they are with property. That’s not a put-down on the fire department. That’s just protocol. They check out the area and make sure it’s secure. Everyone is safe and no one is inside.

Then, they start pulling the hoses and get ready to fight the fire. It’s not that they don’t care about property. Of course, they do. But, lives matter first. Everyone else’s, as well as their own. You don’t see them in a hurry in this video at all.

In fact if you notice, the fire grows from the time to the camera starts rolling, the trucks come down the street and then when the camera is back on the fire. It has doubled in that time and it looks like it’s about ready to triple.

Saving the property is a priority to the fire personnel and they definitely don’t want it to spread. But, just remember what you see here the next time you have a small fire. It rages and consumes the unit, threatening to grow to the units next door, while the fire personnel have walked around the area and secured everything.

They set up their equipment. They look at the fire. They adjust their equipment and then they get ready to fight the fire.

Protect your home! Keep it as safe as you can from fire. Learn how fires are started in the strangest ways as well as in the normal ways. Keep chemicals separate. Keep batteries apart. Check wiring and do everything you possibly can to protect your home. It can go up at any moment if you don’t protect it.

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house fire

house fireA house fire can be caused in many different ways. Some of them would surprise you because you probably have all the elements you need and they’re all in the right place right now.

This house fire was caused by something so simple, your house could be next. If you look at the damage, you’ll see that the entire house needs a full restoration job. From top to bottom, it needs to be cleaned as well as rebuilt. Walls have to be put back into place.

Floors have to be redone. Every room in the house needs a complete fix and that’s how quickly your house can go up in flames once the first starts Not only the fire damage to your home. But, all your keepsakes get damaged or lost as well. Think of all the things you have that have sentimental value.

Gone in an instant! One way to protect yourself is to find out how keep strange fires from starting. You can learn all about the common ways, like protecting your fireplace, your kitchen, your wiring and even smoking areas. But, stay up to date on every possible way a house fire can be caused. So, how did this one begin?

This one was started by improper storage of 9V batteries. If you have a handful of them stored together in a bag, a spark could ignite if they rub together wrong and the next thing you know, your house is on fire. It could burn completely down if the fire personnel doesn’t get there on time.

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When it comes to sewage cleanup, it’s a very good strategy to find the source of a sewage leak in the first place. Sewage odor can reek havoc on your home and there is a very easy way to determine the source. It’s called a smoke test.

As the video below shows, you’ll want to discharge smoke through the main clean out the home. So obviously, before you get started, you’re going to have to block off all the vents. Get up on that roof and tape all the vents so that smoke cannot get out.

This test can be done with a smoke test kit that you can find in any hardware store. If you don’t know what it is, just ask. It’s very easy to do. But, you might feel better calling the experts.

Once the vents are all blocked off, go ahead and discharge the smoke into the sewer system. You will immediately see where every leak is and be able to work out the plan to patch it up. It is that easy.

In the video, you’ll see how he does it. It’s not hard. But again, if you feel unsure of yourself just ask an expert. It’s more cost effective than making a mistake and it’s better than just dealing with the odor.

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When a home has suffered fire damage, there is a process that goes with proper fire restoration. If you skip steps, your house can suffer further damage and you might not ever be able to restore it. Ash and smoke damage cleaning are only the beginning. When you follow the steps, you have the best chance of bringing your house back to life in the most cost effective manner.

First, board it up! We do this for several reasons. It keeps your property from being stolen. But also, it maintains structural integrity. Some parts of the home might need support that would keep the fire restoration project from becoming greater.

The cleanup is very extensive. It begins with cleaning up the wet soot and all the property in the house. Concentration on smoke damage cleaning is critical. Everything needs cleaned from top to bottom and it’s very detailed work.

If there is structural damage, you need a permit to rebuild. But, that begins the process of putting your home back together. You’ll start to see new life come as the drywall is hung and new windows are put in. Carpet is laid. Cabinets are installed.

This fire restoration project was rather extensive. It required more work than most restoration jobs. But, you get to see from start to finish and the final product is really nice.

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water damage cleanup

Water damage cleanup needs immediate attention in cases like a flood or other such damaging water occurrences. There is a step by step procedure though and you may be able to do a good bit of it yourself. Even though it’s always good to have an expert because if you don’t clean up water damage right, you’ll end up with further damage.

Home depot has put together a great video about water damage cleanup. Who better to learn from than the company built around building houses. While they have everything you need and they put together informative videos, you’ll see as you watch that some things just might be better performed by a professional.

Of course, you can shopvac your own carpet and flush out water with a pump by yourself. But, you’ll need to have an inspection as well and take as many pictures as possible. You can probably take the pictures yourself, but the inspection would take the eye of an expert.

During the inspection, you’ll find holes where water damage in occurring. Sealing those holes is important and if you don’t know how to do that, you’ll want to make that phone call. Experts can seal holes properly as well as tell you what else you need. Insurance companies can provide an expert. But, it’s always best to have a second opinion from your own person to compare notes on the type of damage you have and what you need to fix it.

Don’t let water damage cleanup ruin your home and your life! Jump on i and get your life back in order as soon as you possibly can.

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mold clean up

Mold can build after you’ve had extensive fire damage. In fact, you should inspect your house regularly for mold buildup and you’ll most likely see a need for a mold clean up job. You can’t have mold just hanging around your home. It’s not safe and it will damage your home beyond repair.

If you’ve had fire damage and your home went through fire restoration, it’s a critical time to keep your eye open. Moisture in the home causes mold to build. A thorough fire restoration project takes care of the mess. But, moisture gets left behind. It’s normal to allow it to dry on its own. But, staying alert can keep your home from needing further extensive work.

When you see how fast mold clean up is performed, you’ll realize that you want to do a good inspection on it now and get it over with. By the way, if done right the mold will not come back. You’ll watch it removed entirely clean when done right and the mold will never return because of the treatment.

So, let’s get you started and then you can watch it in action:

What You’ll Need To Clean Up Mold:
– polyethylene sheeting, for covering the floor
– dry-ice pellets, used in dry-ice blaster
– mold-inhibiting coating, protects cleaned wood surfaces

Tools You’ll Need For Mold Clean Up:
– dry-ice blaster, used to remove mold from wood surfaces
– negative air machine, used for filtering mold dust from air
– wet/dry vacuum with HEPA filter, used to collect mold dust

Let the experts show you how! This is not a fire restoration project, but it is still good information to know when it comes to mold.

Fire restoration projects aren’t always just about small house fires that turn the kitchen black with soot. Can you imagine a multi-business blaze? The fire damage has yet to be assessed by insurance assessors.

But, the investigators have determined that the fire was caused by a machine in one of the businesses. They have not determined why it caught on fire. It depends on the type of machine, but there are different causes for fires where wires and all moving parts are concerned. The investigators will definitely pinpoint the exact cause.

The one thing to note is how effective the fire stops were. They were able to contain the fire from spreading. The only fire stop that wasn’t effective was the one between the companies. It couldn’t withstand the heat from a dual side fire.

The aerial footage provides some good insight for both insurance companies as well as firefighters. From a drone’s eye in the sky, insurance companies can see how to investigate fires from their end. Firefighters can view the footage to see how best to fight them.

Inspections need to be done with integrity. When inspections are breezed over and not thoroughly done, multi-business blazes like this one occur. Professionals need to live up to their name when they sign off on business fire systems as well as all equipment.

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fire restoration

Some homes seem like they just need scrapped if they have suffered a fire. There can be so much damage, it looks like a fire restoration project is impossible. But, you’d be surprised what you can do if you take the time and do it right.

One home fire restoration project seemed to claim the entire house. The walls were filled with smoke and debris. The drywall was broken and ripped all through the house.

Fire damage was everywhere. What it took to put out the fire had caused as much damage as the fire itself. The home did not look like an inviting project. But, that’s just it!

What one person sees as overwhelming and not worth the work, another person sees as an opportunity. He knew what he was getting into and assessed the entire project. He took pictures and he knew the roof would need redone. He knew the garage would need rebuilt.

When you look at the video, you’ll see that the entire project looks like he’s going to have to rebuild an entire house. So, why get started? Why restore an entire house, everything inside and out instead of just tearing it down and putting another in its place?

The video actually adds some insight into that. But, there is an entire series and we’ll watch the guy go through the entire fire restoration project step by step. Watch a home go from a fire disaster to livable again!

This video is the initial assessment only. All the fire damage this house sustained and what he plans on doing with it.

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fire restoration

Fire restoration isn’t just about cleaning up a mess. When soot and debris get everywhere, you need the touch of professionals who know what they are doing or this project could go on for years and cost more money than an initial damage assessment. If you care about your home and you want it done right, people who know what they are doing need to take a proper evaluation and do the cleanup according to standards.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) provides training and evaluation for all aspects of fire restoration as well as other damage control. They published a report on their site that outlines several very valid reasons why it’s always best to get a professional to do a job that you initially think that you can save some money on and do for yourself.

Ash and Smoke can keep causing damage if left behind. When you think you have cleaned it all, only a professional can detect if it is effectively gone. So, you may think the job is done when you have cleaned all the ash and smoke. But, you’ll continue to have issues with your home later in years that can cost a lot of money. A professional will keep that from happening.

Being extremely thorough is the name of the game. Professionals know where to look and they know how to look. You might clean the surface. But, they know how to dig deep to make sure your home is completely clean of any and all materials that may cause further damage in the future.

Leave it to the professionals. They really are your friend when you think about it. If you pay for a professional now, your problems are over. But if you try to do the work yourself, your problems will linger and you’ll keep paying for issues you initially ignored. Listen to the IICRC when they tell you that it’s best to get the professionals on the job.

Fire is nothing to play with. Even the most experienced pyrotechnicians encounter issues. Sometimes, the fire gets out of hand and has a mind of its own.

If pyrotechnics go seriously wrong with the experts, how much more do you think they would go wrong for someone who doesn’t know what they are doing? Fireworks have exploded in pyrotechnicians’s hands. Controlled fires have gone wild!

But, people want to play with fire all the time. It’s exciting to them to watch things burn. The thing they don’t understand is that fire is a completely different element from all the rest. It can get out of hand real quick.

When it burns, it hurts. People go to the doctors because of various degrees of burns. Some of them seem fine when they are put in the ambulance. But, they don’t make it because of internal injuries.

Fire can simmer in a wall and explode at any time. It can burn all the oxygen in a home and wait patiently for someone to open the door. When oxygen reaches the patiently waiting fire, the explosion ignites and people get killed. It’s serious stuff, but people keep playing.

These are a compilation of extreme fire fails. People want to play with fire and they go seriously wrong. This can happen to anyone at any time. So, be careful! Light candles and logs in fireplace. Leave the business of fire to those experts who have studied it.

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