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Fire scene investigation is not easy for a team to perform. This is not your team of forensics who come into a crime scene and figure out how a person was murdered. Fires leave a mess and the entire scene has to be gone through with a fine toothed comb to figure out what happened.

But, fires also leave a lot of evidence. Even though fires can destroy everything, investigators know how to look through the fire damage to find the exact cause. Whether it’s a house or a mountain, they are very good at finding the “Origin,” which is an area where the fire was started. Then, they find the “Point of Origin,” which is a more exact location within the Origin.

For instance, if a fire was started that burned up an area of a park, the Origin might be the size of an acre. The Point of Origin might be a lamp that was fueled by kerosene. Not everything’s that easy. The fire could also be someone’s cigarette or a match they lit.

If the fire came from a house, the Origin would be a room. The Point of Origin would be a faulty wire or a spark from the fireplace. But, the science is the same and a team of investigators can pin point it.

A fire in the woods was set by a glass bottle that reflected light from the sun. That’s how good fire investigators are. They were able to determine that it wasn’t a campfire or someone’s cigarette, but a freak science accident between the sun and what acted like a magnifying glass.

It’s definitely a science and it’s not fully figured out yet. But, investigators are in the advanced stages of inspecting fire scenes. When they gather their evidence, they are going to know exactly how it was caused and then it’s just a matter of time until they figure out who caused it.

fire damageGenerally, people are not stupid. Fire damage often occurs from accidents that are not caused by stupid people. The fire damage is caused by oversights or from the unknown.

But when people pull stupid stunts, that’s when fire damages happen that could have been prevented. These are not accidents. They are stories of fire damages caused by people who did not think things through.


The first incident was caused by a lady who was living with her sister until the day her sister died. She tried to revive her. But, she was never successful. It is no lie when I say she used gas to try to preserve the body while she was attempting to revive her sister. Yes, as in gasoline!

As one last attempt, she hooked jumper cables up to the body and tried to jump her sister alive. Needless to say, her sister was never resurrected.  But, she did ignite and the fire that erupted almost claimed the living one, that is besides causing a lot of fire damage to the home. The lady suffered multiple burns all over her body. So, don’t try that at home. If a loved one passes away, just call the ambulance.


In our next story, we begin with the bed bug epidemic that has been on the news and has everyone buggy. This fire damage was caused when a man decided to spray his bed with rubbing alcohol. It must have been in an article or something. Anyway, he was smoking a cigarette while he was applying the rubbing alcohol to his bed. He ended up in a hospital bed that night with no bed bug problems, but he did have significant burns to his hands.


What some people are thinking, I’ll never understand. But, one family thought it would be a great idea to cut a hole in their floor. That way, they could smoke and flick their ashes into the hole. The ashes would go to the basement and that was a better solution to this family for some reason. That is until an ash started a fire. It caused over $30,000 in fire damage.


fire damagesOur last story has a fairly simple moral. Just get a fire alarm. The $5 you spend on a battery operated device works great. One family nearly died when they decided that Jiffy Popcorn was the way to alert the family of a fire. They figured that the fire would cause the popcorn to pop and the sound would alert everyone. Either that or the smell of buttery popcorn would get everyone awake. Either way, they don’t have a house.


Be smart! Fire damage is nothing to play with besides the very real fact that fire can take lives. If you are safe and think things through, you might be able to prevent a fire that can claim more than just your property.

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fire cleanup

fire cleanupFire cleanup is the reality you face when one of many drastic incidences occur that claim your house by fire. Of course, we are all aware of the common causes of fire. But, you need to be more aware of other causes because fire cleanup can be quite costly and very inconvenient.

We’ll get into what all fire cleanup entails in a moment. But, let’s first look at causes of fires that you need to be more aware. Common causes are leaving fireplaces unattended. Sparks can fly out, embers can fly around a room and before you know it, you have significant fire damage.

Don’t leave a stove on with things on top of it. Don’t leave a lit cigarette unattended. Candles can cause fires if left unattended. You should be picking up on a theme here. If any open flame or source of heat is left unattended, you are asking for fire damage and the inconvenience of fire cleanup.

But, there are things that are not common. Faulty wires in walls can be lead to damaging fires. Have them all checked. Also, faulty wires of devices around your house. Make sure they are all properly maintained and no pet or visitor is trying to have them for lunch.

Learn as much as you can about your home and causes of fires in your area. You should be able to keep yourself safe and prevent damage that causes you to have to endure the inconvenience of fire cleanup.

Some fire cleanup can be dealt with by yourself. Soot on the walls and floors can be cleaned relatively easily. It might take a day out of your life. But if fire cleanup is that easy, be thankful.

Make sure you check everywhere. Soot can get in lights and on shelves. It knows how to find those hard places you would never think to look. So, a thorough cleaning involves looking in every nook and cranny of your home.

Other fire cleanup requires so much more time and energy. Burnt and useless wood needs removed. All debris needs thrown away. That takes some heavy lifting and you’ll need to rent equipment for that. Plus, you’ll want to build after. So, that’s about the time that you need to call the experts.

fire cleanupIf you can find one company that handles everything entailed in fire cleanup, you have it made. Just give them a call and let them handle it. Some are reasonable. So, shop around and find people who know what they are doing and will charge a decent price.

Keeping your home safe is the key. You stay safe and you enjoy your home for years. But, accidents happen. Just make sure that you are ready for them when they do.

fire damge restoration

fire damage restorationFire damage restoration hits you by surprise. It’s nothing you are ever equipped to handle. Either it comes at the worst possible time and costs you money you really don’t have or it claims treasures and keepsakes that are irreplaceable.

To keep yourself from ever having fire damage of any sort, you should learn a few things about how fires start in your home. You can significantly reduce your need for fire damage restoration whether you live in the inner city of New York or in the village of Cobble Hill.

First of all, everyone knows fires can be started by some really thoughtless accidents. That’s the first thing we want to cover because it almost feels as if it doesn’t need said. But, burning embers in a fireplace or a lit cigarette burning out in an ashtray have caused huge fires that required a good bit of insurance to restore the damage that was caused.

If you light candles, always be aware of them. People have literally forgotten where they put a lit candle and it caused a huge fire requiring significant fire damage restoration. Grease fires at the stove can make a home go up in flames. Fire damage caused by a video left on the burner was enough to shut a kitchen down for a week because of all the fire damage restoration. So, these are some of the things to keep in mind when you want to keep your home safe.

The things that people don’t often know are things like fire damage caused by wires and even the sun that take place because we are unaware of their physical nature. Let’s just take them one at a time.

Faulty wiring is a huge cause of fire damage requiring restoration. A faulty wire could be in your wall or it could be a device you have that is plugged into an outlet. Always inspect wires around your home if you can see them. Lamps, television, appliances and everything else that plugs into the wall is the perfect play toy for pets, but also strips due to wear and tear. Be aware of that and you are less likely to have fire damage needing restoration.

Wires in walls are tricky. Sometimes, fires take place because a wire isn’t hooked up correctly or you might have a visitor climbing around in your wall. The fire can smolder for hours before finally burning through the wall and causing fire damage. You can detect heat by feeling the walls, but sometimes this is hard to beat. You should always make sure you hire people to wire your home who know what they’re doing and try to keep your home completely rodent free. Ask a firefighter for better advice on keeping your home safe from faulty wiring.

fire damge restorationThe sun has caused fires and you need to be aware of this. Windows throughout your home are often safe. So, you don’t to worry too much. But, the phenomenon caused by light shining through the window has caused a concentration on a wood part and a fire ignited. It’s not common. Just be aware that it could.

To keep yourself safe, always ask a firefighter how to protect your home. They would rather do that than answer a call and leave you with a huge fire damage restoration project that you might not be able to even afford. Think safe!

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