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Carpet Cleaning

The Toughest Carpets

carpet cleaningWith constant wear and heavy traffic, commercial carpets are notoriously difficult to keep clean. Perfect brings powerful equipment, high quality materials and the best techniques to the job — in hotels, retail stores, medical facilities and offices.

A carpet maintenance program can do more than keep your carpet looking and smelling fresh. It can increase the life of your carpet by dealing with issues like stains and wear before they get out of hand.

From wall-to-wall carpeting to area rugs, you can count on Perfect for the best in commercial carpet cleaning.

Spots demand extra attention. Our mild but effective spot cleaning works great on most carpet and upholstery—without breaking down the carpet protection. The solution uses no optical brighteners and is ecologically safe, while effectively preventing spots from turning into full-blown stains.

Retail spaces, hotels, offices all have high-traffic areas that take on the brunt of the dirt. That’s why we offer an interim carpet cleaning service to address these areas. It provides better carpet protection, and extends the life of your carpet, not to mention making regular cleaning faster and easier. Our interim carpet cleaning service is less hassle than a total cleaning, which is another great reason to give it a try.

After cleaning, Perfect can apply a professional-strength carpet protector to resist dirt, spills, and daily wear. Our carpet protection acts as a shield around the carpet fibers, making it difficult for dirt to infiltrate. The treatment  extends the life of your carpet; there is no unpleasant odor; and it’s safe for the environment.

Ask about our regular carpet maintenance plans. They’re a great way to keep your carpet clean — and your business looking fresh and inviting. Plans can be customized to meet the needs of heavy seasonal usage, and fit any maintenance budget.