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Flood and Water

Water damage has a way of seeping in.

Flood and Water

Whether from a major hurricane or the smallest leak, water damage reaches far beyond what the eye can see. Perfect doesn’t stop at siphoning out the water and drying the carpet. Our water damage experts will thoroughly dry out your property to remove all dampness — protecting your property from the growth of mold. Then we’ll repair or replace everything that’s been damaged to restore your property to new.

  • Remove the excess water from your home safely and using protective gear, disposing of it as sewage waste to ensure no transmission of germs or disease
  • Use industrial-strength dryers to remove any additional wetness and moisture on your carpet, linoleum or wood floor
  • Strip, seal and restore any surfaces including floors, walls and ceilings, cleaning floors and carpets to appear good as new
  • Where necessary, we will restore your floor down to the sheetrock, ensuring there is no remaining water that could later cause mold growth
  • Bring your property back to perfect and pristine condition, including repainting or reconstructing any damaged areas.

The Perfect Difference

When your home suffers damage from water and flooding, fast response time is critical. Perfect has highly trained teams of experts in water damage repair standing ready to start the recovery process and get your home back to normal fast. Recovering from water damage requires extensive safety training and equipment to avoid injury and further damage to the property, and Perfect is well equipped on every front.

The first step to a successful water damage restoration is thoroughly assessing the scope and level of damage. The restoration industry has developed a three-point CAT scale to guide professionals in the level of mitigation required. CAT 1, the first level, denotes clean water that is safe for human contact, generally from flooding or a burst water pipe. This level requires minimal protective gear but still merits care. One of the most dangerous things about this type of water is the rubble and sharp objects it can conceal. For this reason, we advise homeowners to call in the professionals rather than attempting to start the salvage themselves.

CAT 2 level water damage often occurs when CAT 1 water is left standing too long. As bacteria and molds develop and building materials leech into the water, it becomes more and more dangerous for human contact. As well, floodwater often brings with it outside chemicals and other toxins, which require special equipment to safely handle.

Usually the highest level at the residential level, CAT 3 contamination implies an extremely harmful, or even fatal, hazard. This often occurs with a sewage line break or when floodwater is left standing and develops a high level of organic dangers. This level of contamination usually requires special licensing to deal with, as well as a high investment in protective clothing and other materials. Perfect Restoration and Cleaning has all the training and equipment we need to handle all three levels of contamination.