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How To Do Mold Clean Up Safe And Sufficiently

Mold can build after you’ve had extensive fire damage. In fact, you should inspect your house regularly for mold buildup and you’ll most likely see a need for a mold clean up job. You can’t have mold just hanging around your home. It’s not safe and it will damage your home beyond repair.

If you’ve had fire damage and your home went through fire restoration, it’s a critical time to keep your eye open. Moisture in the home causes mold to build. A thorough fire restoration project takes care of the mess. But, moisture gets left behind. It’s normal to allow it to dry on its own. But, staying alert can keep your home from needing further extensive work.

When you see how fast mold clean up is performed, you’ll realize that you want to do a good inspection on it now and get it over with. By the way, if done right the mold will not come back. You’ll watch it removed entirely clean when done right and the mold will never return because of the treatment.

So, let’s get you started and then you can watch it in action:

What You’ll Need To Clean Up Mold:
– polyethylene sheeting, for covering the floor
– dry-ice pellets, used in dry-ice blaster
– mold-inhibiting coating, protects cleaned wood surfaces

Tools You’ll Need For Mold Clean Up:
– dry-ice blaster, used to remove mold from wood surfaces
– negative air machine, used for filtering mold dust from air
– wet/dry vacuum with HEPA filter, used to collect mold dust

Let the experts show you how! This is not a fire restoration project, but it is still good information to know when it comes to mold.