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Sewage Cleanup

The Worst Kind of Flooding: Sewage Cleanup

sewage cleanupWhen clogged or burst sewage pipes cause backup and overflow of raw sewage into your property, you need to act fast. That’s because sewage can cause immediate health risks to residents, employees and customers. Standing water is a breeding ground for microorganisms, and can seep into the structure of your home if not removed right away.

Immediate sewage cleanup such as water removal and extraction minimizes the damage. Perfect Restoration & Cleaning’s sewage cleanup team ensures your home is returned to a safe environment quickly, minimizing the damage by the spill or leak. Then we can repair and restore your home or business to like-new condition.

  • Remove sewage
  • Inspect for damage caused by flooding
  • Decontaminate area affected by spill
  • Properly dispose of sewage
  • Restore area to original condition
  • Test for sanitized condition
  • 24 hour service