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The Stupidest Causes of Fire Damage

fire damageGenerally, people are not stupid. Fire damage often occurs from accidents that are not caused by stupid people. The fire damage is caused by oversights or from the unknown.

But when people pull stupid stunts, that’s when fire damages happen that could have been prevented. These are not accidents. They are stories of fire damages caused by people who did not think things through.


The first incident was caused by a lady who was living with her sister until the day her sister died. She tried to revive her. But, she was never successful. It is no lie when I say she used gas to try to preserve the body while she was attempting to revive her sister. Yes, as in gasoline!

As one last attempt, she hooked jumper cables up to the body and tried to jump her sister alive. Needless to say, her sister was never resurrected.  But, she did ignite and the fire that erupted almost claimed the living one, that is besides causing a lot of fire damage to the home. The lady suffered multiple burns all over her body. So, don’t try that at home. If a loved one passes away, just call the ambulance.


In our next story, we begin with the bed bug epidemic that has been on the news and has everyone buggy. This fire damage was caused when a man decided to spray his bed with rubbing alcohol. It must have been in an article or something. Anyway, he was smoking a cigarette while he was applying the rubbing alcohol to his bed. He ended up in a hospital bed that night with no bed bug problems, but he did have significant burns to his hands.


What some people are thinking, I’ll never understand. But, one family thought it would be a great idea to cut a hole in their floor. That way, they could smoke and flick their ashes into the hole. The ashes would go to the basement and that was a better solution to this family for some reason. That is until an ash started a fire. It caused over $30,000 in fire damage.


fire damagesOur last story has a fairly simple moral. Just get a fire alarm. The $5 you spend on a battery operated device works great. One family nearly died when they decided that Jiffy Popcorn was the way to alert the family of a fire. They figured that the fire would cause the popcorn to pop and the sound would alert everyone. Either that or the smell of buttery popcorn would get everyone awake. Either way, they don’t have a house.


Be smart! Fire damage is nothing to play with besides the very real fact that fire can take lives. If you are safe and think things through, you might be able to prevent a fire that can claim more than just your property.

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