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What Happens When You Have Fire Damage

fire damageIt might start off as a small fire, the smallest fire that you can imagine. But then, it gets beyond your control. The fire damage is about to get worse. Time is of the essence.

You have to call! You finally realize that you have to call the fire department because you can’t find your fire extinguisher or maybe you haven’t had it properly serviced and it doesn’t work. Worse yet, you might not even have one. The fire rages out of your control, but it’s not big yet.

As you can see, when the fire personnel get there, they are more concerned with safety then they are with property. That’s not a put-down on the fire department. That’s just protocol. They check out the area and make sure it’s secure. Everyone is safe and no one is inside.

Then, they start pulling the hoses and get ready to fight the fire. It’s not that they don’t care about property. Of course, they do. But, lives matter first. Everyone else’s, as well as their own. You don’t see them in a hurry in this video at all.

In fact if you notice, the fire grows from the time to the camera starts rolling, the trucks come down the street and then when the camera is back on the fire. It has doubled in that time and it looks like it’s about ready to triple.

Saving the property is a priority to the fire personnel and they definitely don’t want it to spread. But, just remember what you see here the next time you have a small fire. It rages and consumes the unit, threatening to grow to the units next door, while the fire personnel have walked around the area and secured everything.

They set up their equipment. They look at the fire. They adjust their equipment and then they get ready to fight the fire.

Protect your home! Keep it as safe as you can from fire. Learn how fires are started in the strangest ways as well as in the normal ways. Keep chemicals separate. Keep batteries apart. Check wiring and do everything you possibly can to protect your home. It can go up at any moment if you don’t protect it.

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