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You Won’t Believe What Caused This House Fire

house fireA house fire can be caused in many different ways. Some of them would surprise you because you probably have all the elements you need and they’re all in the right place right now.

This house fire was caused by something so simple, your house could be next. If you look at the damage, you’ll see that the entire house needs a full restoration job. From top to bottom, it needs to be cleaned as well as rebuilt. Walls have to be put back into place.

Floors have to be redone. Every room in the house needs a complete fix and that’s how quickly your house can go up in flames once the first starts Not only the fire damage to your home. But, all your keepsakes get damaged or lost as well. Think of all the things you have that have sentimental value.

Gone in an instant! One way to protect yourself is to find out how keep strange fires from starting. You can learn all about the common ways, like protecting your fireplace, your kitchen, your wiring and even smoking areas. But, stay up to date on every possible way a house fire can be caused. So, how did this one begin?

This one was started by improper storage of 9V batteries. If you have a handful of them stored together in a bag, a spark could ignite if they rub together wrong and the next thing you know, your house is on fire. It could burn completely down if the fire personnel doesn’t get there on time.

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